We offer in  January 2021 under the sign of the pandemic  

Online theory lessons

with at.

We are hereby trying to make a contribution to ensure unnecessary transmission of the coronavirus through direct contact.

We have applied for and received a special permit from the District Office for this.

Please under the

  Online theory lesson page

read the necessary requirements.

Berlin Fernsehturm

From September 6th, 2021, due to the increasing numbers of the Delta variant, we will switch the lessons to online theory again until further notice.

In order to be able to offer these again, a few rules have to be adhered to.

You're welcome  

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and read through the rules.

Due to the current hygiene rules, only a limited number of participants are possible here.



Image by Hans Ripa

Procedure / requirement


Due to the currently strong increase in numbers due to the delta variant, we have decided to switch back to online theory from September 6th, 2021 until further notice in order to protect you and us.

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  • If you do not feel comfortable showing cold symptoms, you had contact with infected or colds or people you've been in recently in risk areas, please do not i n the theory lessons are booked or cancel theory.


  • It is also very important to completely avoid shaking hands or the like. We see a friendly smile as a substitute


  • Please observe the general rules (e.g. coughing into the elbows .....).


  • Possibly. Set up spit protection discs are only set up for your / our safety. Don't take it personally.


  • Maintain a distance (1.5 - 2 m) and take a seat at the seats provided.


  • Please wear protective mask 😷


  • Go to the toilets one after the other.


  • Please disinfect your hands at the entrance to our hygiene station before entering .


  • No group formation before and after the theory in and before the driving schools.


  • Between 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. please do not stay in the classroom for disinfection.



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