Practice all driving hours stress-free

First driving lessons such as starting, steering, braking practice stress-free without real traffic until the manual skills are there.

Practice subject-related

Practice topics such as right of way, roundabouts, driving uphill, bottlenecks, parking as well as practicing for cross-country trips, freeway driving.

Different times of the day

Driving in daylight or at night.

Train special traffic situations

It is not always possible to depict special traffic situations or events in the real driving hours in the driving school car. We can represent and import many situations here.

Weather conditions

In the real driving lessons we have to take the weather as it is.

With "SPEEDY" we can import all weather conditions. Driving in the sunshine, in the light or dark, in the rain, in light to very strong fog. Black ice or snowy roads. Here we have the weather under control and can do it the way we want.

Basic tasks

All basic tasks such as parking lengthways or into a parking space, hard braking, reversers can be done without stress. Maneuvering with a trailer train.

Stress free without fear

One of the top advantages of the simulator is that you don't have to practice in real traffic. Practice everything stress-free without fear of disturbing other road users.

Repeat and practice until the basic and manual skills become routine and then relaxed and stress-free into the driving school car.

Foreign languages

Our "SPEEDY" is fluent

in writing and word

- German



- Russian


That means you can practice in your own language and there are no communication problems in the advanced training with SPEEDY.

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